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Citizen JournalismOperating successfully in Newark, Perth Amboy and Trenton Civic Trusts provide an alternative to today’s dysfunctional politics, providing a forum for citizens who want to work together to improve their city free of negativity and political wrangling.

This robust 21st-century model of civic empowerment brings together Civic Trustees who pledge to “leave their city better than they found it.”

Civic Trustees research and develop solutions that are:

(1) Evidence-based (2) cost-effective, (3) and advanced with a “no blame” approach. Trustees volunteer to make a commitment of at least one year. Their responsibilities also include governing their Civic Trust, prioritizing issues and recruiting new trustees so the Trust continues to thrive well into the future.

Click on the materials below to get involved or find out more.

  • Citizen Legislator Class
    Learn how to find proven, best practice solutions and present them in ready to adopt form to your town council or school board.
  • The Citizens’ Manual
    A resource book on citizens’ legal rights and best practices for solving local problems
  • Initiative and Referendum Tutorial
    This tutorial is designed to demystify the initiative and referendum process and provide instructions so that you can use this as a tool in your own hometown.
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