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The Citizens Campaign announced at a press conference at the New Jersey State House the launch of The Civic Challenge—a campaign to move our communities, our state and eventually, the nation, onto the powerful path of pragmatic problem solving, getting us out of the rut of rigid ideology and blame game politics. As part of the Civic Challenge, all New Jerseyans will be urged to make a Civic Pledge “to leave one’s community better than they found it by pursuing pragmatic solutions” that are: (1) cost effective (2) based on evidence of success and (3) advanced in a no-blame manner. Citizens who take the pledge are asked to spread the pledge by asking their friends, neighbors and social media contacts to join them. They are also invited to activate their pledge by: (1) becoming a proponent or teacher of Solutions-focused Civics Classes in high schools and adult venues; (2) becoming a Solutions Newsgatherer to introduce evidence-based solutions into news stories on local government issues; or (3) becoming a Civic Trustee, committing to at least one year of service working with like-minded citizens in monthly no blame, problem-solving sessions of local Civic Trusts. People who activate their pledge will be supported...

Welcoming Our Newest Team Member

We would like to welcome our newest team member, Joel Rosa! Joel will serve as our Civic Challenge Facilitator in charge of promoting the Challenge and to help motivate citizens build solutions-focused communities in their own cities and towns. Joel is an active and dedicated member of his community. He is a member of the Perth Amboy Knights of Columbus, Vice-President of the Central Jersey Latino Chamber of Commerce, and a board member of La Casa de Educaccion y Cultura Latina, whose mission is to advance the culture and education of people from Latin America residing in the United States. Joel is also a board member of Hugs Towards Corporation, a non-profit dedicated to providing educational supports for children of families in need. Joel received his Bachelor of Science degree from Montclair State University. Reach out to Joel to see how you can get involved by emailing him at

Citizens working together

Anyone who has even casually followed the media coverage of the presidential campaign, which has been dominated by sharp personal attacks and deep partisan divisions, will not be surprised to learn that people with talent and leadership ability are running away from active participation in politics and government. Unfortunately, the current state of the presidential race is an all-too-accurate reflection of the current dysfunctional state of our politics. People still very much want to play a role in the civic life of their hometown, state and nation, but they recoil from conventional politics as it is practiced in too many places today. That is why The Citizens Campaign has constructed an alternative to politics as usual — one that provides a safe civic space welcoming citizens who want to improve their city or hometown free of negativity and political wrangling.

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A plan to encourage constructive citizen participation to better N.J. towns

It isn't surprising that people with talent and leadership ability are thinking twice about participating in politics and government, turned-off by the finger-pointing and partisan gridlock that contribute to the shear difficulty of getting anything constructive done.That is why The Citizens Campaign has constructed an alternative to today's dysfunctional politics, one that provides a safe civic space welcoming citizens who want to improve their city or hometown free of negativity and political wrangling. 

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The Citizens Campaign launches ‘Newark Civic Trust’

The Citizens Campaign yesterday announced the formation of Newark Civic Trust, marking the occasion with the 36 selected Newark Civic Trustees coming together with key strategic partners at a kick-off meeting to be held this evening at PSEG headquarters. The Trustees were chosen for their leadership ability and commitment to working together developing and advancing evidence-based solutions that benefit the City. The Newark Civic Trustees are committing themselves to work together to “leave their city better than they found it” and are guided by three principals: that solutions benefit the city above all, are cost-effective, and are evidence-based — all wrapped in a “no blame” ethos. The Trustees volunteer to serve for a term of at least one year and their responsibilities also include governing their Trust, including prioritizing their own issues and recruiting new Trustees so the Trust continues to thrive well into the future.

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