This month we are heading back to Trenton's West Ward to start our Paths to Power series with Shiloh Baptist CDC and the Bellevue Avenue Civic Association. We’ll be meeting each Saturday morning to discuss a different opportunity for citizens to start solving community problems in Trenton.

The “Path to Power” series will give residents the tools and training to get results in the community, including how to be a more effective advocate in City Hall and how make an impact in the city.

“We are excited to be part of this important community capacity building effort,” said Jerome Harris, Chief Operating Officer of Shiloh CDC.

Amini Sababu, V. P. of the Bellevue Area Civic Association said, “I am excited.  This workshop series gives us an opportunity to learn that we are not helpless, hopeless, or invaluable.  We have the power to change our community.  This workshop will give us information and tools to do just that.  If we are not happy with the way things are in our community, come how to learn how to change it!”

Rosalind Derricotte, Family Life Services Director of the Shiloh CDC, said, "It is important for people to be empowered to make the changes they want. This workshop series provides important information, tools and strategies to give us the power to make things better.  It also provides information and ideas on how other communities are turning things around for themselves.”

We will be meeting at The Carver Center, 40 Fowler St, Trenton, NJ 08618.

Here's what we have in the works: 

Sat. 3/1, 10am – We all have problems that we’d like to see addressed, whether it’s on our own block or city-wide.  We’ll start this Saturday with how to begin crafting a proposal to address that problem.  We like to call it a "constructive solution.”  Once you’ve got your solution ready, you need to present it to the proper governing body.  We’ll take you there too. RSVP here.

Sat. 3/8, 2pm – Knowledge is power, right?  Another way to solve problems is to call attention to them.  People can’t fix what they don’t know is broke.  This is where Citizen Journalism comes in.  We’ll talk about the various ways that you can use your own blog, the local newspapers, or social media to share what’s happening with your neighbors, or advocate for an issue. RSVP Here.

Sat. 3/15, 2pm – Trenton has over a dozen appointed boards and commissions, many with vacancies, just waiting for you to apply.   These boards have direct access to funding or decision-makers on specific issues within the City.  For example, the Trenton Planning Board determines what a neighborhood will look like – whether it will be filled with homes or stores, etc.  We’ll talk about what these boards do, and how to increase your chances of being appointed. RSVP here.

Sat. 3/22, 2pm – So you know there is a Republican and Democratic party.  But do you know what it is that they do?  This week we’ll touch upon the powers of these two parties and how you can become part of the decision-making process on what candidates get the party support & funding, and what side of the issues they party will stand on. RSVP here.

We’ll continue to meet on Saturday mornings with a working group of participants who want to start tackling issues using what they learned.  We have coaches and experts lined up to help lend advice and best practices for what has worked in other communities.

We’re ready.  Are you?

For more information about this empowerment series or our work in Trenton, please visit