The Pledge and the Power of its Principles

The Civic Pledge is designed as a bottom-up way that people can join together to promote a politics based on pragmatic problem-solving---replacing finger pointing and blame with a concentrated focus on solutions aimed at making our communities better. 

The guiding principles serve to ensure the focus stays on pragmatic problem-solving. By developing, supporting and advancing solutions that are: (1) evidence-based; (2) cost-effective; (3) and implemented with a “no blame” approach, we increase the chances that these solutions will be adopted and that once implemented, they will bring about the desired result.

  1. Evidence-based solutions are those that are based on evidence of their success in other similar communities. When a solution is advanced based on its proven results, it bypasses the gridlock of ideological conflict. The solution is powerful because it is self-evident.
  2. Cost-effective solutions are those that do not cause taxes to rise, that is, they fall within the existing budget or, even better, they save money. Minimally they should not cost money over the long term, with any up-front costs coming from grants, crowdfunding, or other non-tax generated funds. Cost-effective solutions are powerful because they avoid being dead on arrival due to the lack of funds. 
  3. Solutions advanced with a no-blame approach are those that build upon the positive aspects of existing policy. In this way, the public officials can be complimented for the positive elements of their current policy and the person presenting the solution will be seen as helping as they offer to build upon the officials’ policy with an evidence-based and cost-effective solution. Taking a no-blame approach is powerful because it helps keep the focus on the solution.
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