For the fifth year in a row New Jersey Department of Community Affairs has released it Best Practice Checklist for government efficiency and cost-effectiveness - and several of The Citizens Campaign menu of solutions make the list! 

Among the fifty items on the checklist are several model laws developed by The Citizens Campaign's Law & Policy Task Force, including strong Pay-to-Play Reform, Sunshine Online, Eliminating Benefits for Part-Time Elected Officials, and a requirement that municipalities hire insurance brokers on a flat-fee basis which is a major component in our Best Price Insurance Reform law.

The checklist is used by state officials to determine how much, or how little, state aid municipal governments receive. Responses are due by Friday, October 17, 2014 for municipalities that operate on a calendar year budget and Wednesday, April 2, 2015, for municipalities that operate on a fiscal year budget. 

With this checklist and the election around the corner, now is the best time for citizens to make a presentation at their municipal or school board meeting. Make sure your elected officials and neighbors know about this opportunity to save tax dollars. 

Click here to see how your city responded last year.