The Citizens Campaign yesterday announced the formation of Newark Civic Trust, marking the occasion with the 36 selected Newark Civic Trustees coming together with key strategic partners at a kick-off meeting to be held this evening at PSEG headquarters. The Trustees were chosen for their leadership ability and commitment to working together developing and advancing evidence-based solutions that benefit the City.

The Newark Civic Trustees are committing themselves to work together to “leave their city better than they found it” and are guided by three principals: that solutions benefit the city above all, are cost-effective, and are evidence-based — all wrapped in a “no blame” ethos. The Trustees volunteer to serve for a term of at least one year and their responsibilities also include governing their Trust, including prioritizing their own issues and recruiting new Trustees so the Trust continues to thrive well into the future.

 Crowd.JPG                                    (Some of the crowd of attendees from the launch event on 7/21/15)

Newark Civic Trustees will draw upon the expertise of The Citizens Campaign’s top volunteer government lawyers, urban policy experts and experienced political advisors. The Citizens Campaign Law and Policy Task Force assists by providing the legal drafting assistance needed to turn solutions identified by Trustees into ready-to-adopt legal form. Training in policy development and implementation is provided as well.

Newark was selected, according to The Citizens Campaign, because of the impressive number of committed and effective citizen leaders that are passionate about improving their City. Newark Civic Trust is being launched in the wake of two successful urban civic trusts piloted by The Citizens Campaign in Trenton and Perth Amboy.

The Citizens Campaign Chair Harry Pozycki said, “The success the Civic Trusts are realizing in Trenton and Perth Amboy, along with the interest we received from committed Newark residents, convinced us that now is the time to bring the problem-solving capacity of the urban civic trust to New Jersey’s signature city.”

Newark Civic Trustee Michael Steadman said, “I am looking forward to working with my fellow Trustees to advance proposals that I know will make our City ‘better together.’ I am confident we can bring about results that make a difference.”

The Citizens Campaign says it boasts a proven track record of success in Newark and throughout New Jersey to this innovative new initiative. In Newark, it has trained hundreds of citizens in how to work effectively beyond the ballot box and worked with Newark citizens and elected officials to secure the adoption of several new ordinances designed to empower citizens, save tax dollars, and to encourage economic development.

The Citizens Campaign, a citizen empowerment organization, is a community of problem solvers dedicated to empowering citizens with an evidence-based, no-blame approach to getting results without depending on the political establishment.