justin.pngJustin Auciello Citizen Journalist

SOUTH SEASIDE PARK— Not only is he a star Citizen Journalist as founder and editor of Jersey Shore Hurricane News, he pays it forward too! Justin has volunteered his time to teach and mentor Citizen Journalists through The Citizens Campaign program. 


JacqueJacque Howard   Citizen Journalist

TRENTON—Jacque is a lifelong dedicated Trentonian. Most recently he has found a new medium to share his passion, the radio. As the host of Trenton 365 on 1300 WIMG, he has lots of opportunities to make use of his citizen journalism training from The Citizens Campaign.


donna.pngDonna Stewart   Citizen Innovator

PERTH AMBOY—Working with The Citizens Campaign, Donna has brought together a broad range of citizens, school district officials and parents in the pursuit of more open and engaged discussions about education policies in her City. Through her leadership, Perth Amboy is charting the course for a new code of conduct that takes parental input into consideration.


betty.pngBetty Crews  Citizen Legislator

PERTH AMBOY—As President of the Royal Garden Club some call Betty a “civic consultant” to the City, as she helps design, plant and maintain several large public gardens throughout Perth Amboy.  Betty is more than just a consultant, she is a successful Citizen Legislator. Using the tools and training of The  Citizens Campaign, Betty helped create city’s first Green Team.


jason.pngJason Rowe  Citizen Legislator

NEW BRUNSWICK—Working with Unity Square and New Labor, Jason helped lead the effort to tackle the issue of immigrant wage theft in New Brunswick. Using what they learned through The Citizens Campaign’s Citizen Legislator Class, Jason and his partners did the research, found a best practice ordinance, made a presentation to the City and followed the ordinance through to successful passage.


jonathan.pngJonathan Carr Citizen Journalist

LITTLE EGG HARBOR— Jonathan is a contractor for the Department of Defense by day, and a preeminent Citizen Journalist by night. As a passionate weather enthusiast, Jonathan founded Severe NJ Weather to keep New Jerseyans informed and prepared for the next major storm or snowfall. He was able to enhance his work and take it to the next level with what he learned at one of our Citizen Journalism Conferences – now he writes a column for The Trentonian. 


rachel.pngRachel Cogsville Citizen Legislator

TRENTON—Rachel worked with the Cadwalader Place Civic Association to revitalize the Carteret Avenue in the West Ward of Trenton. She was instrumental in getting new street lights, sidewalks and curbs on Carteret Avenue. With the help of ISLES and City Works, Rachel was able to rehabilitate 8 abandoned properties into 11 units for sale as private homes. With the help of The Citizens Campaign, government agencies, nonprofits and the SAGE Coalition, she converted a vacant lot into a community garden for the enjoyment by the community. 

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