We recently hosted a webinar (watch it here) to educate citizens how they can help their local community become more effective and efficient.   

The session could have been called, “Rethinking Government,” because that is where we are in New Jersey – we must rethink what government is and should be doing, and how we pay for it.  

thumbnail.JPGThe truth is, we can no longer afford many of the services we enjoy now, without raising taxes.  For example, think of important services like animal shelters, emergency dispatchers, grounds maintenance.  These are all vital services that determine our communities quality of life.  The question is:  Are there more efficient ways to deliver these critical services?

We brought in our friends from Facing our Future, Marc Pfeiffer and Ingrid Reed, to tackle these questions and offer best practices.

Marc Pfeiffer, who has more than 30 years of experience in municipal government, has been working with Facing our Future to identify a list of best practices. On this webinar he talks about different types of shared services arrangements  and what  factors need to be taken into account when trying to figure out what is right for your community.

Ingrid Reed, who also has a significant record of public service, talks about how one should approach their elected officials to begin the discussion about shared service.

Whether you were able to join us on the webinar or not, you can help bring innovative ideas to your community. Check out Facing Our Future's solutions (i.e. Detailed Description of Options) and their recent report on how towns are successfully implementing these solutions.  

You can also contact Facing Our Future if you have questions on shared services.  And, if you want further assistance, you can always request a coach from The Citizens Campaign, click here