Political Party Leaders Successes


Cherry Hill, NJ


Wrightstown, NJ


Hillside, NJ

Tonia first heard about The Citizens Campaign at a workshop hosted by Newark NOW.  After attending a series of our workshops, and gaining the support of several community members, Tonia successfully ran and won a political party seat in the Union County Committee.  Tonia is committed to teach others what she has learned, and is currently recruiting others within her town and beyond about the power of the political party committee seats. 


Trenton, NJ

Patricia got involved with The Citizens Campaign after a series of training sessions sponsored by the Trenton Council of Civic Associations, where she learned that committee people were elected.  Patricia ran for a committee seat and won shortly after.  She continues to work towards building her local political party in Trenton by supporting local campaigns, as well as mentoring other interested citizens as a volunteer Citizens Campaign coach.  Patricia also started a blog to keep residents informed of important community news.


Mount Laurel, NJ

Angeline learned how to get results in her community on youth and education issues by working from the inside.  She took our Political Party Leadership class and ran for a committee seat.  Since she won the election, she's been empowered to begin democratizing her local party so that committee persons have equal rights and access to information.




Hoboken, NJ

“I have always had the passion to advocate and help people address their concerns and issues, but never thought about getting into politics,” until a few years ago when she threw her name into the hat to run for committee person.  She lost the election, but didn’t give up.  Shortly after, she was reinvigorated through our class with the know-how to successfully run for a committee seat.  This time La-Trenda won and became 2nd Vice Chair of her municipal committee.  “The Citizens Campaign imparted the responsibility to guide me every step of the way.”

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