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Location, NJ

Cynthia saw a common thread with our “no blame” approach and empowerment classes.  “Without these critical skills, many citizens face logistical challenges, repeated frustration and are commonly intimidated by the political process and protocol.”   She hosted a series of our classes for her parent group.  Upon completion of the series, Cynthia saw an increase in members taking action to address issues with the new ‘no blame’ approach.  “The newly acquired skill sets enabled some participants to communicate in a direct, honest and less confrontational manner, while fighting a proposed school closure for their children.” 




Berlin, NJ

“Ever since I listened to Harry Pozycki's interview on NPR in the Spring of 2010, I've been attracted to the notion that average citizens, like me, need to get involved in local government.”  While attending the South Jersey Call to Service Summit, Michael “had a revelation that a positive, non-partisan approach would make a lot of sense.  This point was accentuated when I heard the tragic news of Congresswoman Gifford being shot in a shopping center in Arizona.”  Michael realized that “we need to show our fellow citizens that there are better ways than using violence in order to make your voice heard.  The appointments process is one such way.”  Soon after, he coordinated a Monroe Township Call to Service Summit so that others in his hometown could learn about having influence on decisions being made on issues they care about through the appointments process.  Nine attendees applied to serve on various boards and commissions in Monroe, and all nine were appointed!  “I feel our local citizens are beginning to hear the Call, but we can't stop now."

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