NOTE:  Before moving forward, make sure you have taken the "Political Navigator" class.  If you are hitting walls in your efforts, we can help with a one on one coach.  Find out more details about our coaching program.

Political Navigators are all about changing the conversation from a polarized to a "no blame", constructive standpoint.   In order to do this, you need to gather folks together to start talking!  Facilitating dialogue about the issues and constructive solutions to the problems our communities face with friends, coworkers, neighbors is what a Political Navigator does best. 


General Resources

Invite us to facilitate a class or send a speaker (, 732.548.9798 x2):

  • if you belong to a community group, faith based organization, etc. and need a speaker for an upcoming regular meeting,
  • if you are gathering people together or hosting a house party,
  • if you want to host one of our classes in your community

Try our step by step Do-It-Yourself guides for:

Going big? Want to generate broader attention to your event?  Use our Citizens Guide to the Media for tips on communicating with the print media, and through social media as well.

Looking for the facts so that you can help curb the blame game tactics used so many times in discussions about politics and government?   Try Politifact for starters.

Open Secrets and ELEC are great places to start if you are looking to follow the money in politics and get the facts.



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