Are you tired of partisan gridlock and finger pointing between political party leaders? We believe that if we focus on identifying sensible solutions and building consensus, we can begin to address our community needs, regardless of political affiliations.

Political Navigators may not want to take on a specific leadership role like serving on a local board or political party, but you still want to drive solutions in the community. As a Political Navigator, you have the know-how to solve community problems and get results by steering the political conversation away from blame and towards solutions. Our Political Navigator class shows you how to recruit others to participate in developing constructive solutions and introduce them to powerful civic roles and the tools to get results on issues they care about.  If you're interested in learning the basics of how to bring community members together around an issue and start working on it, then our Community Leader class is for you.

Cynthia Mosley serves as a great example. As the Director of the Parent Advisory and Service Academy in Newark, she was dedicated to empowering the youth, parents and residents to address community issues. She saw first-hand how conversations about education and youth services can quickly become heated and divisive at government meetings.  Cynthia brought in The Citizens Campaign to lead a series of trainings for her members at P.A.S.A. She found that these sessions were instrumental to her group’s success. Upon completion of the workshop series at P.A.S.A., Cynthia saw an increase in members taking action to address issues with the new ‘no blame’ approach.

Cynthia is now working with a group of residents from Newark, Hillside and Irvington, with the assistance of our expert coach and star Political Navigator Ibrahim Sharif. Ibrahim has spent decades in the civic service realm, from serving as chief of staff to business and governmental leaders, to becoming the Executive Director of the New Jersey Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission. He was so impressed by the tools offered by The Citizens Campaign that he has volunteered to help others navigate the political process. With Ibrahim’s assistance and guidance, Cynthia and her fellow Newark residents were successful in reforming the insurance contracting process in how Newark obtained health benefits for City employees.