The Perth Amboy Education Task Force met last night to review the final results of the Code of Student Conduct community survey and to discuss a draft resolution prepared by The Citizens Campaign’s Legal Task Force that citizens will be presenting to the Perth Amboy School Board next month.

Code of Student Conduct Survey: The Education Task Force reviewed the results of the community survey which received more than 500 responses! Even with this overwhelming response, everyone agreed that it is important to do further outreach to school personnel and students since they have the most unique perspectives. The group brainstormed methods for seeking additional input from students and teachers, and how to incorporate it in the annual review process.

School Board Resolution: The second part of the meeting focused on a resolution prepared by The Citizens Campaign’s Legal Task Force that would provide for the School Board to a) create a plan for obtaining community input; b) establish of a Code of Student Conduct Review Committee; and c) create a process for training school personnel on the code annually.  The citizens provided valuable feedback on the draft such as adding term lengths and objectives for the committee members. The Legal Task Force will incorporate the citizens’ feedback into the final draft, which is slated for a public presentation at the November 13 school board meeting.