At the Impact Perth Amboy general meeting at the Perth Amboy ZPA Hall on July 31, I gave an update on the recent accomplishments of the Perth Amboy Creative Team.  The team is an advisory board of citizens interested in promoting the advancement of the Arts in Perth Amboy, and it has been working hard over the past several months to put in place the foundation for developing a thriving Arts community in the city.

The team has worked hard and, under the guidance of Leo Vazquez, from the National Consortium for Creative Placemaking, it has put together a series of valuable accomplishments:

  • The team established Taskforces for initiatives in Music, Murals, Communications and Arts Ordinances and will be establishing another to study the creation of a Perth Amboy Arts District.
  • The team developed an Arts Council Ordinance which was unanimously adopted by the Perth Amboy City Council on June 25th. Appointments to the council are expected in August.
  • The team's Murals taskforce has developed a Murals Ordinance draft which will be submitted to the City Council when it is complete. The Ordinance sets the requirements for proposing and getting approval for murals on both public and private property; it includes a process for community engagement and review, producing mural drawings and getting property owner approvals.  Final approval of the proposals would be by the City Council.
  • The team conducted a Creative Placemaking study which identified locations in Perth Amboy where arts activities were currently being worked, locations where their were opportunities for expanded arts activities and locations suitable for outdoor art.  A public presentation of the final report is planned for the fall.  The Creative Placemaking Mapping plan is expected to be a valuable tool for economic development, zoning and the establishment of an Arts District.

The team's activities, in addition to walking and surveying the City for the Creative Placemaking exercise, included comparing similar initiatives in Rahway, Bound Brook, Metuchen and Carteret.  The past mayor of Rahway, James Kennedy, spoke to the team about the close relationship between the Arts and economic development and provided examples of his experiences in Rahway. 

People interested in the Arts, including Music, Dance, Visual Arts and Theater Arts, as well as people who are interested helping to build a thriving arts community in Perth Amboy, are invited and encouraged to join the team, come to our meetings and help whatever taskforce you are interested in.