We are thrilled to announce that several residents and members of The Citizens Campaign’s Impact Perth Amboy initiative have been appointed to the newly created Perth Amboy Green Team!

The Perth Amboy Green Team is a volunteer committee of community problem-solvers who are dedicated to making a positive impact on the City’s environment and to help ensure an improved quality of life for all residents.

This new committee and its volunteer membership is a direct result of Impact Perth Amboy’s initiative to foster a higher level of civic leadership and community engagement. Our environmental subcommittee of city stakeholders researched evidence-based solutions for keeping the city and its waterways clean and safe.  The committee identified establishing a Green Team as a good first step to facilitate residents and City officials working together on improving the environment.

Several residents and volunteers from various nonprofits have already begun working with the City of Perth Amboy’s administration and elected representatives on action steps to certify the City for the Sustainable Jersey program. And Perth Amboy is now able to apply for much needed grant money reserved for cities enrolled in the Sustainable Jersey program, such as their most recent grant for $9,000 to add exercise equipment along the waterfront area.

Congratulations to the inaugural Green Team members: Laticia Hicks; William Kurzenberger; William Schultz; Betty Crews; Aneil Mohammed; Rosemary Nivar; Renee Skelton; Daniel Harning, Jr.; Steve Nascimento; Joel Reyes; Caroline Pozycki and Olive Bryan.

You too can be a part of The Citizens Campaign’s team of Perth Amboy problem-solvers! Come to our next Impact Perth Amboy stakeholder meeting where we discuss the important community issues in education, environment and Arts & Economic Development. We will be meeting on Thursday, July 31.  CLICK HERE TO RSVP or call/e-mail Aneil Mohammed at 732-548-9798 ext.3 or aneil@thecitizenscampaign.org