After a year of hard work in Hamilton Township, it's finally paid off -- both the Township Council and School Board are adopting strong policies for obtaining insurance and hiring insurance consultants. But the often untold part of this story are the volunteer coaches who helped the Hamilton residents sift through public records, crunch numbers, and meet with officials. 

Cherry Hill residents Bob Shinn and John Tremble didn't retire from reforming government after saving their school district $6 million dollars, instead they went on the road to help others. Last winter, when a few Hamilton residents called up The Citizens Campaign looking for assistance in reviewing their school district's procedures and contracts for insurance, we knew who to turn to.

Watch an interview with John and Bob on the night the Hamilton residents made their first pitch to the Hamilton school board.  Little did they know what would follow in the months to come. Now, nearly a year later the school board is poised to adopt the policy they proposed.