The Citizens Campaign launched a city-wide survey this week to help the Perth Amboy School District create a community-based Student Code of Excellence.  

Residents, teachers, business owners and others who live or work in Perth Amboy have until August 29 to fill out the Community Code of Excellence Survey to provide feedback on how the district should handle misbehavior in its schools. 

The goal is to set a community standard for dealing with the most common in-school misbehaviors such as bringing a cell phone on school property, violating school uniform policy, or getting into an altercation with another student.

The School District is currently reviewing its Code of Student Conduct after a four year hiatus, and is dedicated to incorporating innovative best practices in school discipline. The results of this survey will be forwarded to the school district.

Helping lead this initiative is Perth Amboy resident Latica Hicks, who said, “Having community input is critical for building a solid foundation for a healthy school environment so our children can thrive.” 

Also, leading the effort is President of the Perth Amboy High School PTO Reverend Donna Stewart, she said, “This survey is an opportunity for parents and the community to give input on the education of our youth.”

Surveys are available at designated locations throughout the city, including the Raritan Bay Area YMCA, JR Medical Center, the City’s Recreation Department on Olive Street, Perth Amboy Public Library/Brighton Ave Community Center and the Puerto Rican Assoc for Human Development of 100 First Street.


The idea for the community survey was born out of The Citizens Campaign’s conference, Empowering Perth Amboy Parents & Students, held in April. Education experts from urban school districts highlighted the importance of getting community involvement in setting the Code of Conduct (which is being called the Code of Excellence in Perth Amboy).

Several Perth Amboy residents are spearheading community outreach, the committee includes: Donna Stewart, Latica Hicks, Jesus Ramos, Manny Seda and Joel Reyes. Anyone interested in helping in this initiative should contact Aneil Mohammed at or (732) 548-9798 x.3.