The Citizens Campaign invites Perth Amboy residents to apply for appointment to the new Perth Amboy Green Team to make a positive impact on the City’s environment and to help ensure an improved quality of life for all residents. 

The Perth Amboy City Council adopted a resolution on February 12 to participate in Sustainable Jersey, a certification program for municipalities in New Jersey that want to go green, save money and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term.

The next step is to appoint the City’s first-ever Perth Amboy Green Team, a volunteer network of citizen problem-solvers. The Citizens Campaign is encouraging Perth Amboy residents to volunteer to serve and apply at the City Clerk's office by May 21

The Sustainable Jersey program offers a checklist of more than 150 action steps and best practices that use evidence-based best practice solutions to ensure responsible environmental planning and conservation, bolster the local economy & arts, promote diversity in government, and empower residents of the community to assist in making the City more sustainable. 

“Sustainable Jersey’s program allows residents and City officials to constructively work together towards a mutual goal of ensuring improved quality of life for all of our residents,” said Harry Pozycki, a Perth Amboy resident and chairman of The Citizens Campaign, which facilitated the creation of the Green Team. 

“Now that our City officials have taken the first step, it’s time for Perth Amboy residents to step up,” said Pozycki.

Several City residents and nonprofits have already begun working with the administration on action steps to certify the City for the Sustainable Jersey program. Last Saturday, the Mayor and City Council, in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, sponsored a free tree seedling giveaway to replace trees damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

For more information on Perth Amboy’s Green Team there will be a Perth Amboy Green Team Meetup Monday, May 19 at 6 pm in the Conference Room in City Hall, or contact City Green Team leader Andrew Toth at (732) 826-0290 x.4046 or Aneil Mohammed at The Citizens Campaign at (732) 548-9798 x.3.

The Citizens Campaign is a nonprofit non-partisan organization dedicated to fixing our democracy from the bottom up by training citizens in no-blame politics and evidence-based problem solving, while empowering citizens to change the political climate and become a new force for answering our hometowns, state and nation’s challenges.