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Thank you for answering the Call to Service! The first step is to pick a free class that will give you the know-how to get results in your community as a citizen:

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Become a Citizen Legislator

The Citizen Legislator class teaches you how to develop your solutions into a constructive proposal, then taking it to your governing body to be adopted into law. 

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Take the Citizen Legislator and the Environment class

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Become an Appointed Official

With the Appointed Office class you will learn the steps to becoming a part of the decision making bodies that deal with issues you care about within your town.

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Become a Citizen Journalist

The Citizen Journalist class teaches you the basic tenets of responsible journalism, and how citizens can keep their neighbors informed by reporting on important  community issues.

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Take the Citizen Journalist and the Environment class

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Become a Political Party Leader

The Political Party Leader class teaches you about the power of the political parties, and how easy it is to become a committee person.

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Become a Political Navigator

Our Political Navigator class will share how you can help recruit others towards a solutions-oriented, no-blame dialogue on the issues plaguing our communities.

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Become a Community Leader

If you're interested in the basics of organizing a group of your neighbors and friends to start addressing community problems, then this is the introductory class for you.

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