This summer in Trenton, Jerell Blakeley is submitting a proposal to the School Board to introduce The Citizens Campaign’s Leadership Civics Curriculum as an elective course for seniors at Trenton Central High School next year. The curriculum has already been approved by the Superintendent, and will go before the School Board on August 25.

Leadership Civics teaches students the value of civic engagement in a local environment, the rights and duties of citizenship, and the leadership skills that will empower them to become active participants in their communities through readings, discussions, activities and a self-directed project. The course follows a structured curriculum that introduces students to the power centers of local government, the legal rights of participation and the steps necessary to contribute to local decision-making, to become community problem solvers. Building on this knowledge of local governance, students will then have an opportunity to practice these skills by taking responsibility for a leadership project.

Mr. Blakeley, an alumnus of Trenton Central High School, is a Social Studies teacher who has returned to his hometown and is dedicated to empowering his students to make a positive impact in their city. His goal is to make Trenton Central High School a model for youth leadership and participation for New Jersey cities.

Download the Civics Curriculum here

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