Remember when we taught you that one-third of the New Jersey Legislature was first elected into office by a small group of county committee members, and not the general public? Now's the chance for some residents to join this special club.

If you are interested in running for County Committee, call your local municipal clerk and find out a) are either the Republican or Democratic county committee elections this year?; b) if the answer is yes, and it's the party of your choice, then request a nominating petition and ask for the number of signatures needed.

The filing deadline to get your name on the ballot for political party committee person is Monday April 1st, 4pm.  This gives you less than 3 weeks, which is plenty of time, to collect a handful of signatures.

Check out our Political Party Path to Power page, where we have a host of resources to make this process easier (online class, step-by-step guides, etc.).

Need more help? Email to request a coach.