This month's task force meetings were quite productive. Here are the top issues identified for our Arts & Economic Development, Public Safety, and Education Task Forces. 

Arts & Economic Development

a. Overcome negative perception of Trenton

b. Arts district support

c. Business partnerships

d. Keep state/county employees in the City - Draw outsiders, students, etc to live and play in the city

e. Survey arts communities needs

f. Create an incentive for other artists to live in the city

g. Leveraging resources (human, financial, material, government funding)

h. Arts commission council

i. Holistic tourism plan (arts, cultural, heritage, history, business, etc)

j. Public awareness campaign

k. Capacity building among existing networks and cross networks

Next Meeting: Thursday, August 21, 6 pm - 8 pm


Public Safety & Re-Entry

a. Implementation of hands on approach dealing with violent offenders

b. Disconnect between public & authority figures

c. Stay in contact with elected officials (accountability)

d. Female entry programs

e. One stop entry program where all necessary info is provided

f. Trenton prevention policy board

g. Structure community programs that feature formerly incarcerated individuals to spread info on keeping community safe

Next Meeting:  Thursday, September 4, 6 pm - 8pm



a. Schools not working with afternoon programs as stated

b. Bullying

c. Healthy meals

d. System in place already in the schools to send homework home-not being utilized

e. Student code of conduct 

f. Best Price Insurance/Pay to Play

g. Leadership Civics

h. 8/23 Parents-n-Family Summit, 9:30 am at the Kilmer School

Next Meeting: Tuesday, August 26, 6 pm - 8 pm