Video: OPRA and the Sunshine Law Best Practices

We brought together an attorney, a municipal clerk, a reporter, and a citizen activist to talk about legal rights and best practices for obtaining records and holding officials accountable to the Sunshine Law. Panelists included NJ ACLU Staff Attorney Bobby Conner, Jersey City Municipal Clerk Robert Byrne, NJ Spotlight reporter Colleen O'Dea, and noted citizen activist John Paff.  Watch Now!

Handouts: NJ ACLU provided copies of their Guide to OPRA and Guide to the Sunshine Law

Video: How to Understand & Report on School Budgets

A local school budget represents the largest piece of the property tax pie. It's important to understand what factors must be taken into account when trying to identify ways to save money. Edison School Board President and former NY Times National Education Correspondent Gene Maeroff offers his insight on how school boards function; Bernards Township Superintendent Valerie Groger talks about the main line items in every school budget; School board Attorney Jonathan Busch reviews the budget process and opportunities for public input; and NJSpotlight Editor  and veteran education reporter John Mooney offers his own insider tips on what to look for and what questions a local reporter should be asking. Watch now!

Video: How to Understand & Report on Municipal Budgets

Property taxes is the number one isssue of concern to New Jersey residents. They want to cut taxes and at the same time preserve services. We asked some of the states leading experts in municipal budgeting their advice on what to look for in local government. The panel included head of Local Government Services in the Department of Community Affairs Tom Neff, Municipal Financial Officer, Hunterdon County Freeholder Rob Walton, and veteran reporter Gail Ferguson Jones. Watch now!







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