"If you are not in the kitchen when the cake is being prepared, you should not complain about it when it is being served." That was the message from Deacon R. Barber inviting members of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens to participate in its first meeting of the "Community Empowerment Ministry."

First Baptist Church Pastor, DeForest B. Soaries, and Church member Letitia Cox invited us in to discuss how church members could be a source of information and power for their fellow community members.   From this meeting, the "Community Empowerment Ministry" was born to engage its members in their community's decision-making process.   We can't wait to see what these citizen leaders do next! 

 Pictured Above: DeForest B. Soaries, Harry Pozycki, Letitia Cox, and C. Roy Epps


Hear what Letitia has to say about the experience: 

Harry Pozycki and Dr. Roy Epps, leaders from The Citizens Campaign, were sensational at the first meeting for citizen empowerment at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens.  What I found most inspiring was to hear how Harry and Caroline Pozycki began this movement, by knocking on doors to let people know that ordinary citizens could influence changes in policies put in place to keep people silent.  Further, Dr. Epps has been a community organizer for most of his life.

I am amazed by what The Citizens Campaign has accomplished and by the sincerity in commitment of the staff to train ordinary citizens in use of a no-blame approach for resolving community concerns.

I believe churches have a special responsibility to enable members to become more knowledgeable about ways to improve the lives of our neighbors through ensuring fairness in policies.

The Citizens Campaign is an awesome vehicle that can move ordinary citizens from complete lack of awareness that there is a process for becoming decision makers to acquisition of intricate skill in using that process for attainment of fair and equitable decisions.

Invite The Citizens Campaign into your church, school, community group, or business.  You will be wonderfully amazed at how grateful "ordinary citizens" are to learn that they need not continue to "watch in wonderment" or "ignore in silence"!

Best Regards,

Letitia Cox