Take Charge and Get Results - We will give you a coach to help you succeed!

Free coaches are offered to people who have completed one of our classes, and have decided to take action steps to become:

  • A Citizen Legislator
  • A Political Navigator
  • A Citizen Journalist
  • A Political Party Committee Person
  • An Appointed Official

How Can Our Coaches Help You?   In addition to The Citizens Campaign staff, our volunteer coaches are individuals with years of experience in public office, grassroots leadership, journalism, party leadership posts, or in government law who can help you address questions you might have & provide insider tips in how to get results.  Because The Citizens Campaign is a nonpartisan organization, our coaches don't tell you what to think, they just show you how to get things done! 

What Kind of Coaching Do We Offer?  Beyond our one-on-one coaching, we also try to bring mentoring to you in informal settings through regular meet ups, conference calls, webinars and regional conferences with coaches.  Visit the Events page for a listing of upcoming coaching events. 

Before You Request a Coach:  1) Take the refresher class online, then 2) use the Participation Guides found on each class page with extra tips beyond what you'll find in our classes.  If you hit a road block, request a coach.

How to Request a Coach:  Use this online form 



Joyce Walker: How to Democratize Your Local Political Party Webinar

citizens_1.jpegWe hosted a great coaching webinar with our Camden County Chair Joyce Walker on how to access political parties in your town and run for a seat on the political party committee 

of your choice.  Learn how you can get your foot in the door to successfully gain a committee seat, whether your town has political party committee elections this year or not.

You can view the webinar to gain expert information on how to get results in your town within your local political party. (P.S. This was our first webinar, so please forgive the opening audio, we promise the rest is good!)

Bob Shinn & John Tremble:  Coaching Citizen Legislators on Doing Research and Making Proposals

Bob_Shinn__John_Tremble_-_Hamilton.JPGBob and John regularly travelled all the way from Cherry Hill to work with a group of Hamilton residents who were tired of insurance broker patronage, increased government waste and rising property taxes.  The answer was our Best Priced Insurance Reform.

Bob and John worked with residents on how to research for the data to support their proposal, and attended school board and Town Council meetings to coach residents on making formal proposals.  Almost a year later, the reform was adopted by the Township.  Click on the image to hear what motivated them to take this on, at the group's first public presentation.

Saul Qersdyn: Sharing His Tips for Successful Citizen Journalism

citizen-journalism-coaching.jpegSaul Qersdyn, a Roselle Park resident who took our Citizen Journalism Class and went on to create the very popular local news site, Roselle Park News.

Saul volunteered to be a Citizen Journalism coach to some Newark residents. At the coaching workshop he encouraged people to write because of the impact it has on the community's ability to hold government accountable and shared tips about gathering information and doing research. Take the Citizen Journalist Class now or request a coach to help you take the next step.

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