At The Citizens Campaign we take special care to make sure that we connect the people we empower -- so that force of citizen leaders can emerge and grow.   This includes training manuals, webinars, issue conferences. And now we have something new for you.

Starting on January 23 we are hosting monthly "meet ups" for our Citizen Journalists and other folks interested in building a community information network called " Speaking."

Our goals is to bring together citizen journalists, community leaders, professional reporters and anyone else who is passionate about covering local issues and making an impact. From someone is just getting started with a blog to another person who has a daily online news operation to a concerned citizen who is at every council meeting -- there is always something we can all learn from one another. 

For our first "meet up" we will have Paterson Press editor Joe Malinconico on hand to chat about investigating and reporting local news.  The Citizens Campaign team members will be there to help coach and motivate anyone who needs it. Speaking will be the fourth Thursday every month from 6-8pm at Hailey's Harp and Pub. Come join us - the first drink is on us! Register here!