Is there an important issue that you want to see taken care of in your hometown? Are there ideas you have to improve your community, but you don’t know how to get it done or where to begin?

Citizen Legislators are constructive problem solvers. They know how to get results on important issues by developing and gaining adoption of solutions at city council, school board, county freeholder board, as well as local board or commission meetings. We prepare you to take the law into your own hands – whether it’s cutting government waste, saving the environment, increasing transparency, or stopping government corruption – you can be part of the solution. Let us teach you how, watch the video below.

Tamra MarshWhen Tamra Marsh attended our Camden Call to Service Summit, there was something about the event that struck her heartstrings. She already was an active volunteer with many city non-profits, but after attending the event, she felt compelled to do more for her city. She joined the City’s Green Team, then volunteered to chair our Camden Call to Service Committee, so that she could promote our resources throughout the city. She then took our Citizen Legislator class, where she learned not only the process and insider tips for success, but also learned about our broad menu of ready to adopt laws. She rallied some others to present our model Best Priced Insurance Reform to the City Council. Within a few months, the reform was adopted. Because of Tamra’s initiative, the City of Camden will save $5.3 million dollars in 2013 on health benefits for city employees.

John MarshJohn Szeliga is one of our expert coaches from Monmouth County. As former City Council President, chair of his planning board, and professional businessman, he has extensive experience in government and economic development. John worked with a group of citizens in Paterson who were concerned about the vitality of the City’s economy & declining image to outsiders. Together they generated ideas for economic downtown revitalization by incorporating the arts and promoting businesses.