Each year the Division of Local Government Services issues a checklist of Municipal Best Practices for efficiency and cost-cutting, and we are proud to say many of our model laws and proposals make the cut! 

How does your score? Municipalities must receive a certain score to receive all their state aid.   Take a look at the list below, download last last years report here, and make a proposal on any items that are missing.  Make sure if a town reported last year "prospective" that they followed through and implemented the cost-cutting reform.  The Citizens Campaign offers several solutions that are on the list including:

#1: Shared Services Agreements

#5: Local Pay-to-Play Reform

#27: Eliminating Benefits for Part-Time Elected Officials

 #30 & #31: Hire Insurance Brokers on a Flat-Fee basis and Compare with SHBP


For more information about the Municipal Best Practices Inventory, visit the Division of Local Government Services website.