Verizon New Jersey President Dennis Bone and Prudential Financial joined together to call on business leaders from across the state to answer the "Call to Service."


On June 15th, business executives from a wide variety of small and large businesses participated in a round table discussion  on how they could engage their employees in public service.

As part of the Business Call to Service, The Citizens Campaign has produced a manual; developed advanced leadership training; and we will be offering educational webinars.  All we need now are businesses to "answer the call to service."

In addition to the Business Call to Service founding sponsors, Prudential and Verizon New Jersey, several other companies have already signed up, including Bank of America, Plaza Construction, and Norris McLaughlin & Marcus. Will your company be next? 

Email to learn how to sign your business up. And, if your on LinkedIn, join The Citizens Campaign's new LinkedIn group!