Appointed Official Resource Center

 NOTE:  Before moving forward, make sure you have taken the "Appointed Office" class.  If you are hitting walls in your efforts, we can help with a one on one coach.  Find out more details about our coaching program.

General Resources & Best Practices

Participation Guide: Appointed Office - a review of the class and tips to make your appointment more successful!

Citizen Service Act (P.L. 2009, c.141)  State law adopted in 2009 requiring municipalities to create a directory of boards and commissions and a standard one-page application for residents to volunteer to serve. 

Should your board decide on using common rules and procedures for running meetings, Robert's Rules of Order are standard procedures used by most elected and appointed boards.  This link will provide you with a summary on the Rules, as well as a link to buy a copy of the Rules

NJ League of Municipalities has an Ordinance Library with best practice ordinances to set up various boards/commissions from around the state.

Environment-Related Board Resources

Does your town not have an appointed board focused on environmental issues? Sustainable Jersey has models for creating a Green Team or Environmental Commission in your community.  You can also find a best practice for ensuring diversity on your municipal boards, so that they are representative of the various populations within your town.

Check out The Association of NJ Environmental Commissions (ANJEC)'s guide on making your Environmental Commission more effective.  (These guidelines can generally be used for any board.) 


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