Here at The Citizens Campaign we are always looking for innovative local government solutions and dedicated citizen leaders. This week we found both in Asbury Park, NJ -- where residents are coming together to help shine a light (literally!) on crime. 

Using the online tool, citizens are coming together in a virtual community space to log and track crime in Asbury Park.  

Residents are also encouraged to  "Flip the Switch" from dusk til dawn on Thursday, February 21st on a city initiative called Lights On, Crime Off  by leaving their front and back porch lights on for the entire evening.


As Asbury Park resident Dan Baum told us on Facebook:  "It's a grass roots venture that many towns across the country use to encourage residents to leave both their front and back porch lights on. Neighborhood watches are proven effective in combating crime and by illuminating properties across the city we are hoping for a unifying act that will hopefully reduce crime."

We think these are both simple, smart solutions that has real potential not just improve safety, but to build community. 

You can read more about what Asbury Park residents are doing on If you live in Asbury Park, and want to participate in Asbury Park's NextDoor Project sign up here.