2013 Citizen Leadership Award Candidates - APPOINTED BOARDS & POLITICAL PARTIES

CORAM RIMES (Orange):  Coram has been involved in his city for many years, serving on the Housing Authority, the local political party committee, and Finance Board. But it was at last year’s Celebration of Citizen Leadership where he first learned about The Citizens Campaign and became inspired to take his public service to the next level.   “As I sat through the dinner I listened to the stories and experiences that each person had and I imagined the possibilities that a person could have to make a change for a better community. These changes could start with the little things or an idea that can grow into a bigger one.  The Citizen Awards helped to motivate me to do better things within my community.”  Months later, Coram was appointed to the Orange Housing Development Corporation where he has “played a pivotal role helping to secure tax credits and funding to build new housing developments” in Orange.   He is a true model of a change agent. 

BADER RISHEG (North Bergen):  Feeling a sense of duty to serve his community when approached to run for party committee seat by his district’s then retiring representative, Bader couldn’t refuse.  The tools and training that The Citizens Campaign had provided him with up until this point had prepared him for the task.  And it is a task he takes seriously.  “As a committee person I regularly talk to people in my neighborhood about their concerns. If there are any issues in my district, they are met with great urgency.  As the middle man between the people in my district and local government, I am in constant contact with all town departments.  This can be from contacting the Department of Public Works regarding garbage pick-up to the Health Department sending notices out warning neighbors to not feed stray animals.  I am dedicated to the people in my town and have enjoyed the many Citizens Campaign educational tools that have assisted me in making local government work for my constituents.” 

JONATHAN LATKO (Camden):  Let’s just say our “Path to Appointed Office Power” class catapulted Jonathan into a flurry of appointments on environmentally related boards, where he impacted decisions resulting in the planting of trees throughout the City, and better transportation & planning issues along the Delaware River.  Jonathan now chairs the Shade Tree Advisory Committee as well as the Delaware River Port Authority Citizens Advisory Board, and serves as a member of Camden’s Green Team.  His commitment and hard work on the City’s Urban Forestation Plan contributed to Camden being awarded bronze certification from Sustainable Jersey, opening the City up to potential corporate, federal and state grant opportunities.   In a City where every dollar counts, Jonathan’s leadership is a great benefit.


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