2013 Citizen Leadership Award Candidates - POLITICAL NAVIGATORS

MICHAEL DeLEON (Millville):  Michael joined our ranks as one of our Cumberland County Chairs in 2012.  Since then, he’s recruited several citizen leaders and gained appointment to his county’s Youth Services Commission and Human Relations Council, the New Jersey Minority Concerns Committee and the Cumberland County College Board of Trustees.  As a Trustee at the College, he is focusing on creating a more civically engaged student body, helping them connect to the community by incorporating our resources both into the college curriculum as well as through events such as the upcoming Cumberland County Call to Service Summit on campus.  Michael embodies the values of a true Political Navigator, not only in the work that he does with The Citizens Campaign, but also in his personal life as Founder of Steered Straight, Inc. where he speaks to students and at-risk youth about the dangers of drugs, gang life and bullying.  Over 1 million young people have heard Michael speak about making better career choices, and they are better off for it - as are we, for having him on our team. 

IBRAHIM SHARIFF (Piscataway):  Ibrahim was already a standout civic leader before joining The Citizens Campaign, having served on the NJ Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission and Irvington International Trade Commission, and developing programs to benefit youth and underserved populations.  When introduced to The Citizens Campaign, he was so impressed by the tools & leadership development offered, he became a Political Navigator and helped spread the word.  He began bringing people together in every community where he had a network, to learn about how they could “make a positive difference” in their communities using our resources.  Ibrahim has assisted citizens on several fronts, including contracting reform efforts in Newark and Rahway, and opening Newark City Hall to citizen participation.  By example, Mr. Sharif subscribes to the belief of Booker T. Washington: “In all things that are purely social we can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand (closed fist) in all things essential to mutual progress.” 

ANN MARIE MILLER (Burlington):  As Executive Director of ArtPride New Jersey, Ann Marie invited The Citizens Campaign to speak at “NJ Arts Day 2012” about how the members of the arts community across the state could become more effective advocates for school art programs, community programs, etc.   Since our presentation at Arts Day, she continues to seek ways to help members of the arts community (non-profit arts professionals and artists) become more civically engaged in their local towns and municipalities working with The Citizens Campaign.


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